7 Easy ways to create decision-making presentations with the help of AI.

weslidesDavid Lavalle | 14 July, 2023


  • Every once in a while, we get the opportunity to fascinate someone. It can be anyone, your boss, your team, a sponsor, a benefactor, a group of students, or just random people whom you need to build trust with. You can easily captivate and persuade anyone with your ideas through a well-crafted decision-making presentation!
  • At  WeSlides , we create compelling templates and carefully articulated decision-making presentations for the satisfaction of our users. Coming up with an idea and thinking of ways to implement it is hard enough, and you shouldn’t have to waste any precious time dragging and zooming text boxes, fixing font sizes, and stressing over a color theme.
  • You can leave the rest to us and focus more on how you would like to present your work. Today, you will get to explore how AI technology can change the way people perceive and react just by adding a few tweaks here and there.


  • Why are decision-making presentations important for businesses and other domains?
  • Convincing others is a tough job especially when there’s money at stake. However, using an AI presentation maker can change your prospects of gaining success by a huge percentage.

  1. Time-Saving
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    Time is your best friend when it comes to achieving your goals. It can be stubborn and slow for Some but favoring and fast for others. Just think, when it comes to decision-making presentations, it will be nothing but a gift in disguise even if you’re running late! That’s the beauty of having a variety of decision-making presentation templates at the tip of your fingers. Get ahead of time and let the AI tool take care of writing styles, dragging around stuff, building color schemes, and enhancing the viability of your project, particularly when delivering those all-important decision-making presentations.

  3. Collaborating
  4. These presentations can give you the opportunity to collectively discuss matters with your team and propose better options in the future. It is an excellent way for your team to collectively analyze presented data, statistics, and money management through AI-based presentations.

  5. Influential
  6. You can never persuade someone without influencing them. A decision-making presentation covers that for you. Gaining support from your audience is your main purpose which is completely fulfilled by using these AI tools.

  7. Documentation
  8. You can go over these presentations powered by AI a hundred times if you want. You get to store them on the cloud or share it with the world. In return you get full transparency for your audience, references for future analysis, and the option to review and renew anytime!

    The 7 ways you can create decision-making presentations.
  9. Use Natural Language Processing for generating content in decision-making presentations.
  10. Gone are the days when we had to learn the language of zeros and ones to give instructions to a machine/computer. Today you can type your command and let the machine interpret it for you. That’s what an NLP is, and you can utilize it to produce a coherent outcome.

    You just punch in a topic, even something complex like decision-making presentations, and it will generate content, summarize it accordingly, and present it to you highlighting the key points as well. A perfect partner for making informed choices. It can also be used as a research tool that can extract data from every nook and corner of the internet with a factual guarantee.

    You won’t even have to worry about making your words sound professional, informal/formal, or attractive because an AI PowerPoint presentation maker will also do that for you.

  11. Get help from visuals to enhance decision-making presentations.
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    Create exciting and impactful presentations by adding special visual effects .

    Colors are more important than you think. That’s why decision-making presentations also help you visualize your output by carving out color themes and palettes according to the topic you provide. It can also be a great tool to psychologically impact the people listening to you. Warm colors instill happiness in the subconscious while dark colors strike mystery, power, and elegance.

    The color theme can also play an important role in building your company’s brand color or logo. You can also choose different shades or tints for the same color scheme to portray different aspects of an enterprise’s focus.

  1. Apply predictive analysis and forecast the results while creating decision-making presentations.
  2. Apply predictive analysis and forecast the results while creating decision-making presentations.

    You can be at ease with this one because AI develops the path for you including your vision. It’s worth noting that these features are especially handy for crafting decision-making presentations. It will also give you valuable advice along the way and predict possible outcomes. With hundreds of templates available at WeSlides , you can just dial in all the information you have and allow the AI tool to build subtopics and generate a separate section for each topic!

  3. Leverage AI tools to present well-researched and in-depth information.
  4. With the machine’s judgment and probability of success, you have more focus on communicating with the audience.

    Digging out algorithms, unstructured articles, research, graphical representations, reports, sources, and leads and binding them together to build a compelling decision-making presentation can make your workload heavier, thus you should consider utilizing the AI tools to their full extent to blow off some steam.

    When you have too much information at hand, you can become stressed out trying to prove it correct. With AI tools you can be a hundred percent assured that all the data and information is factually congruent with your topic.

  5. Get creative with personalizing your decision-making presentations.
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    You know your audience best and you have to cater to their needs. Since AI does not have any emotional intelligence, it cannot create an exact replica of what you have in mind. This is where you have the leverage to customize and re-create any template or slide you deem fit.

    Feel free to alter the tone of the content, manipulate the use of language, or change font types and sizes. You may also modify some of the information in the text. After all, a machine can’t surpass human intelligence. It’s your unique perspective and approach that will give the text the distinctive touch it needs.

  1. Collaborate with your team and produce a mutually structured decision-making presentation.
  2. Don’t get stuck with emailing the same thing to your colleagues over and over again. Use AI-based presentations to come together with your team without being present in the same room.

    You can post comments on each slide, set reminders, and even chat while making the presentation. Get the confusion out of your hair and communicate with your team effectively.

    You can even share your work on social media and view the response rate through the analytics tool . This will provide you with commendable feedback and showcase your weak points so you and your enterprise can enhance them in the future.

  3. Overcome language barriers and use AI to develop highly interactive decision-making presentations.
  4. Presenting on an international level or educating people in their native language can be tough when creating decision-making presentations because of non-fluency.

    However, AI does not have any language barriers. It can respond to any language even if written in slang. You can create your presentation in the native language of your audience or even add a few slides in between with slogans/sayings with their translations to entice traditional values in your viewers.

    You can also utilize this tool to extract information from an unknown language to you and present it in the language you are familiar with or the other way around.


Take Advantage of the AI-powered presentations today!

Hope this triggered the innovator inside you, and you are now fully informed of all the ways you can create a decision-making presentation! Artificial Intelligence has made our lives so much easier and more beautiful, yet people are afraid of making the right move.

Work smarter, not harder by multi-tasking with a virtual assistant. You can put all the monotonous, brain-teasing tasks on the shoulders of your AI business presentation maker and exercise delivering your ideas to build rapport with your spectators.

In today’s world, an AI that makes PowerPoint presentations is the only ligament that saves us time, effort, energy, and useless meetings on who gets to create what part of a presentation. You can run a whole organization or just be fine with a one-man show, weslides.com will make sure to give you a gratifying outcome with defying results in the end.