How to Make Creative Presentations through AI in Seconds!

weslidesDavid Lavalle | 14 July, 2023


Everyone has experienced at least one PowerPoint presentation with text-heavy, boring, and hard-to-digest slides.

As you yawn, so does the person next to you; since yawning is contagious, even the person across the hall yawns!

If you hate being in that presenter’s shoes, this article is for you!

So spice up your presentations with a creative flair!

You don’t want to lull the audience to sleep; instead, you want to educate, motivate, and awaken them to take action!

With the advent of AI presentation makers, making creative presentations has become quicker, easier, and more creative than ever!

So, focus on creative ways to present presentations and on creating engaging slides. AI presentation tools provide a wide range of templates, layouts, and design elements to fuel your presentation.

We can help you make creative PowerPoint presentations through the free AI presentation maker in seconds. So let’s explore:


Why Sudden Rise of AI in Making Creative Presentation Designs

Let’s first talk about why artificial intelligence is such a hot topic. Creative PowerPoint presentations are the best way to advertise a new business idea, share project updates, or present a new product strategy.

PowerPoint provides innovative tools for presentations that are essential for conveying the message. However, making interesting and visually appealing presentations can take a lot of effort and time.

That is where AI excels, saving significant time and energy. AI boosts creativity!

You can experiment with creative ways to present to captivate and inspire your audience. However, these AI presentations will never truly replace humans. That is why you will discover how to engage the audience with creative slides and presentation style as you read.


Why are presenters switching to AI-based presentation design?

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized presentation design to a new level. Presenters know the future lies in adopting creative AI presentations. The pre-designed templates have blown away public speakers, intellectuals, researchers, and business managers because:

  • AI-powered presentation tools have revolutionized the slide creation process by automating the layout, content, and design of the slides.
  • By optimizing the power of AI, individuals and businesses can now create professional presentations effortlessly.
  • Traditionally, creating presentations involved manual design work, selecting templates, formatting slides, and adding visual elements. This process took infinite time, leaving little time to craft the content, now they can focus on the quality of the presentation.


How to Make Creative Presentations with AI Presentation MAKER:WeSlides

Step 1: Choose a creative topic

A powerful topic is the first step in starting that magic. Take your time choosing a topic. Topics should be SEO-friendly; the reader should feel compelled to listen to the entire presentation. The first attention-grabbing strategy is to use powerful words.

For example, instead of “5 steps to lose weight,” choose

“Shedding Pounds Made Simple: Master These 5 Steps to Lose Weight!”

If you are a nutritionist ready to introduce diet charts and food supplements, this topic will set the stage on fire. The audience will be attentive because, as the title suggests, you are about to discuss simple methods.

Step 2: Choose an AI-Powered Presentation Tool: WeSlides

Start by selecting a reputable AI-powered presentation tool that suits your needs. Conduct thorough research, read user reviews, and compare different options available in the market.

Look for features like intelligent slide generation, design suggestions, and content optimization to ensure you find the right tool for your requirements.


Why choose WeSlides?

Today’s researchers, experts, and business executives may not be more skilled in design. AI can be especially useful for them because it offers a user-friendly interface and automated design suggestions.


The ability to save time while producing high-quality content is one of the primary advantages of using the WeSlides AI generator for presentations. Take a look some of the mind-blowing features of this AI presentation maker.

Feature Description
User-Friendly Interface Users can easily create presentations using WeSlides’ intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Easy and Flexible Export WeSlides allows easy and flexible PPT and Document Export.
Free trial WeSlides offers premium features absolutely free
Premium features Free access to premium features and access to 1000 queries
High quality content AI generated authentic and in depth researched content
Customer Support Responsive
User friendly interface Extremely user-friendly with easy to comprehend simple options
Step 3: Engage the audience with a creative presentation style and engaging slides.

Good presenters have one thing in common.

They are excellent storytellers!

How do they do it, though?

They understand the wow factor and can develop creative solutions to make the presentation stand out.

They are ready to explore different ways to structure their content with their target audience. And connect with the audience.

Ditch the traditional PowerPoint presentation format and engage your audience in collaborative storytelling with WeSlides-generated creative slides.

An interactive and creative approach encourages active participation and fosters collaboration among the audience. Look below at other tactics and storytelling implemented by experts in every field.

Key Elements Description
Storytelling Appeal to your audience with a story that captures their interest.
Clear Structure Organize content in a logical order with different sections.
Engaging Delivery Use gestures, phrasing, and enthusiasm to attract attention.
Audience Interaction Engage the audience with surveys, questions, and humor.


3 Key Elements of a Compelling and Creative Presentation

The goal of the presentation is to maintain the audience’s attention from start to finish. The best way is to select creative elements.

During presentations, these elements can be divided into three phases of the creative method.

Creative methods before the presentation :

Creative presentations are not just explanations; they are works of art. It is important to begin talking to the audience to set the stage for your creative AI presentation. Begin with humor; telling jokes will serve as an icebreaker. Look for hashtags and events that are currently trending on social media and discuss them.

Make the audience comfortable, and then use certain physical elements to make the presentation creative. Begin with a creative story. In between, ask questions.

Conduct a quick poll to determine the interests of the audience. If you want to be creative, consider the presentation a movie set. Use props, tell stories, be happy, act, and occasionally overreact. Keep the audience interested.

Creative methods during the presentation

These are the fun and creative tactics conducted during the presentation to cut the boredom. Asking them to get them moving by asking them to come on stage and share their creative ideas.

Make eye contact. Remember that body language is extremely important. The will listen and believe you if your body language conveys confidence. The creative presentation slides are also included in these mid-presentation tactics.

When using the WeSlides AI presentation generator, avoid cramming too much text onto a single slide.

Use simple slides with light colors, unconventional fonts, and one-liner bullets.


While AI can facilitate the creation process, it’s important to remember that it’s a tool that complements human creativity and expertise.

Enhance the creativity by bringing in objects, models, or tangible representations related to your topic.

When the slides are simple and concise, make use of these props to support your story telling and to illustrate ideas or engage the audience. This unconventional approach can make your presentation more interactive and memorable. Slides should be made to complement the presenter not replace!

  • Creative methods after the presentation
  • The presentation does not end when you leave the stage. Spend some time engaging with the audience and asking if they enjoyed the creative AI presentation ppt.

    Ask questions, hand out a short survey, get their email addresses or LinkedIn addresses, and connect with them.


Request them to sign up for the newsletter. Inquire about ideas for your next creative presentation. It would help if you left the audience with a thought-provoking question and something to act on that you have presented.


Step 4: Create an Outline

You will have a structured thought process if you can create an outline before moving on to the AI presentation generator.

You’ll be more aware of what you could include to persuade the target audience. You will know how to use the AI presentation generator to make your presentation more creative.


Step 5: Leverage AI-Powered Creative Presentations Design

Now that your outline is ready, it’s time to let the AI-powered presentation tool do its magic.


We will show you how to create creative slides using the best AI-based presentation maker.

Enter the keyword “Shedding Pounds Made Simple: Master These Five Steps To Loose” into the WeSlides App. It will now generate an AI-powered slide using its algorithms.

But first, we must adjust some settings to generate a creative template with specific layouts, colour schemes, and unique content.

As you can see under the settings tab

  1. Set the tone: We will now change the tone of the generated output. Choosing between three options: simple, formal, and creative. Let’s go with a creative tone because it will generate out-of-the-box innovative content.
  2. Length of the Text:Now, we will adjust the length of the generated content. We’re keeping it short to emphasize the physical, creative presentation methods.
  3. Slide Templates: select a simple slide layout with minimum textures to ensure the content flows seamlessly across slides and make any necessary adjustments to enhance readability.
  4. Toggle Sub-headings:look at the subheadings and add or delete any subheadings per your target audience requirement.


Step 6: Review and Fine-Tune

Now that you have generated the first slide, experiment and generate more slides using the subheading on the right side of the app. WeSlides allows you to generate 1,000 slides.

If you do not like the content, experiment with the keywords and generate more data to support your goal.

After you’ve customized your presentation:

  1. Go over each slide thoroughly.
  2. Check for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.
  3. Pay attention to the overall coherence of the content.

Now download this creative PPT presentation to inspire and explore innovative ways to deliver your message.


Step 7: Practice and Rehearse

Creativity is about something other than flashy slides crammed with text or statistics that no one ever understands. It is not at all about reading slides! Creativity is the ability to put yourself out there to persuade someone of your idea or proposal.

It may entail exhausting every physical element or material in order to engage the audience and effectively convey the main message.

So, when using the WeSlides slideshow, consider the aesthetic of the slide as well as how to present creatively, so don’t worry about how to make a presentation, but also about how to do the presentation.

So, when using the WeSlides slideshow, consider the slide’s aesthetic and how to present it creatively. So don’t just worry about how to make a presentation; also worry about how to do the presentation.


Dos and Don’ts Should You Keep in Mind When Making a Creative Presentation

  1. Understand Your Audience
  2. Keep the slides simple and on point
  3. Do Practice and Rehearse
  4. Engage before and after the presentation
  5. Don’t forget to end on a memorable note
  1. Don’t Cramm data in the slides
  2. Don’t Rely Solely on Slides
  3. Don’t just read slides
  4. Don’t complicate slides Design
  5. Don’t rush or go over your time limit



To summarise, AI-powered presentation tools can greatly benefit presenters and businesses looking to create compelling content quickly.

Begin with a keyword and generate by utilising an AI-powered presentation tool. Learn how to make your presentations stand out by incorporating storytelling, humour, or unexpected elements.

Follow the above steps to make creative presentations through AI in seconds, and share your experience in the comments.